Green Cracked Ice Vinyl

Green Cracked Ice Vinyl Richardson SeatingI was able to take yellow cracked ice vinyl and manipulate it in Photoshop to make it look green.  We would love to one day be able to offer green cracked ice vinyl.  We would also like to be able to offer cracked ice in blue, pink, and purple.  The problem is that there is a minimum order of about 1500 yards to get a custom color made by the manufacturer we use for our cracked ice.  We know we will sell grey, red, and yellow.  We assume that we can sell green cracked ice too but we are not sure exactly what shade to produce.  What does everyone think of the shade that I created?  Personally I think it might be a bit too neon.  Overall I do like it a lot.  I made it with the hue slider in Photoshop. That is a tool I use a lot actually.  It is the same tool I have used to change the color of many of the images on the website.  It is a little known secret that many of the images we have on our website were taken 30-40 years ago with a film camera.  We have color separated negatives which are pretty useless these days.  Luckily, one of our projects 15 years ago included high resolution scans of all of our negatives.  We are able to produce images of all of our original pictures that were used for our hard bound catalog.

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