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Getting Reviews from Online Customers

Diner Chair Style Bar Stool with Swivel Seat and Back
One of the hardest things for a furniture manufacturer to do is get online reviews.  People think to review their hair stylist and their favorite restaurant.  People don't think the review the company that made the bar stools for your restaurant.  Unfortunately, Google treats all businesses with addresses the same.  If you want to show up for Google local search, you need to have an address and you need to have reviews.  Now that we are selling some items direct to the public, it has been a little bit easier.  Homeowners are much more likely to do an online review than a restaurant buyer.  Homeowners are proud of their new purchase and want to tell the world.  We find that most people are a bit nervous ordering our chairs and stools online.  After all, they are not cheap bar stools or cheap restaurant chairs.  When the items arrive and they open the boxes there is a sense of relief as they realize that we did everything we promised and that our product quality is excellent.  Seams are straight and vinyl is pulled tight.

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