Richardson Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Floor Mounted Bar Stools and why its our Specialty

Floor Mounted Bar Stool with Green Seat and Chrome Frame

Our floor mounted bar stools are the best you can buy.  We still make them in house just like we did 45 years.  We even use all of the same vendors.  The key to our floor mounted bar stool is the cast iron bell and the cast iron bushing.  The bell supports the counter stool at the bottom.  While most companies use flat steel, we use cast iron.  Cast iron will last for decades.  We actually use Grey Iron.  This comes in handy for our bushing.  The grey iron releases graphite allowing the swivel to rotate in the bushing.

Since we make our fixed bar stools in house, we can make them any height you like.  We can even make them chair height and do fixed mounted chairs.  Fixed mounted chairs and a fixed mounted table are a great alternative to a premade seating cluster.  We also have the ability to attach the table to the wall.  We make a cantilevered table mount which comes in 4 standard lengths.  We can make them in custom lengths and custom colors if you don't see exactly what you want.

Our floor mounted stools are very popular in the diners in the northeast like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.  You can find our stools at many famous New York spots.

We get our cast iron parts form Manitowoc Foundry in Manitowoc Wisconsin.  We have been buying from them for at least 45 years.  I am pretty sure we bought from them before Richardson Seating when my grandpa owned his previous company Carroll Chair.  The nice thing is we have had to pay a die charge in the longest time.  Have you ever been to Manitowoc?  It is a great little place and it is very Green and Gold.  They like the Packers up there.

We offer 3 different ways to attach the floor mounted bar stools to the ground.  All of them will require drilling holes in your floor.  My favorite method of attachment is our type C which consists of a threaded rod that you put 6 inches into a hole you drill in your floor.  There is a good chance that the floor mounted bar stools you install today will still be there decades later.  If you happen to expand and need a few more stools, we can make the exact same units years later.  We keep our records for 20 years so the odds are pretty good that we can look up what vinyl you used on your order.

We offer two types of swivels for our counter stools.  We offer a return swivel that is made by Trendler and we offer a 360 degree swivel that is made by us.  We provide the return swivel for floor mounted stools that have no back.  If the stool has a back, we use the return swivel.  But with round seats we use the 360 swivel even if the bar stool has a back which kind of makes it complicated.  The easy way to tell is that all of our counter stools that start with 6050 have a 360 swivel and all of the stools that start with 6070 have the return swivel.

We stock black, chrome, and brass tubes but we can do other colors.  We work very closely with S&B Finishing and they will take anything we make and make it any color we like.  We can get as creative as you can get.

All seats can be upholstered in any color vinyl, fabric, or leather you like.  We typically work with Naugahyde vinyl.  We have worked with them for at least 45 years and we have found that we very rarely have vinyl tear or seams separate.

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