Five bedroom decorating trends for 2022

Five bedroom decorating trends for 2022

From what we saw at the fairs and after talking to several professionals, we highlight five trends in bedroom decoration.

  1. Bedrooms in powdered tones with green as an accent color

"Powdered tones transmit peace and tranquility, which are two qualities that one looks for when decorating a bedroom: it is the room dedicated to rest," confirms Patricia Lopez, from PL al Cuadrado Interiorismo, responsible for the project in the image, in Madrid, adding that pink is a color that reminds us of our childhood. "To adapt it to the adult bedroom, the powdered tone works, which gives it a sophisticated and elegant air and looks good combined with gold," says the professional.

Add to this green, on-trend because after pandemic and confinement, it is a color that transports us to the great outdoors, and you have the winning color palette for the bedroom in 2022.

In the image, a bedroom designed by Claudia de Sousa. The right combination of colors makes this room the owner's favorite. The owner herself confessed in the report that she likes the warm and elegant atmosphere of the whole house, especially the reading corner of the bedroom.

  1. Hybrid bedrooms take up more and more square footage of the home.

In the last edition of Casa Decor 2021, we saw it in front of the social area, increasingly integrated and open; the bedroom takes center stage as an intimate refuge. In this way, the bedroom gains a few extra meters to give the dressing table, the work area, a corner for yoga, or weights. At Supersalone 2021 in Milan, we have also seen multifunctional spaces in fashion.

  1. Bedrooms with heavily dressed beds and sheer curtains.

"A floor with textiles is a shiny and beautiful floor (...). The textile traps sound and reduces reverberation," said Natalia Ivanova, head of OVA Design Studio.

The suitable textiles can radically change the decor of a bedroom, especially the appearance of the bed and when it comes to sifting light. For Francis Moya, of Alarife Home Studio, in the bedroom pictured above is one of the critical elements of a decorating project he recently carried out in Madrid: the sheers. "They were made of natural linen with a lot of drapes and have turned out beautifully," he shares.

  1. Nature theme to visually expand the space.

The bedroom seeks to enhance the connection with nature through wooden pieces, a mural, or plants. Individuals are already aware of the need to take care of the planet, which is transferred to their spaces' aesthetics.

"The 'desirable development' responds to a subtle balance that translates into a lifestyle in harmony with nature," recounted Vincent Grégoire, director at the international trend agency Nelly Rodi and in charge of defining the central theme of the latest edition of Maison&Objet.

In the image, a room in Tarragona with vinyl at the foot of the bed. "It means that when you open your eyes, they get lost in an infinite forest and do not collide with a wall," said the professional Silvia Mallafré, of Silvia Mallafré, Bioarquitectura e Interiorismo, responsible for the project.

"I like to push homeowners to choose an element so that the house also speaks to them. For example, a wallpaper or a mural reminds them of a landscape from their childhood. I propose colors, textiles, and the rest of the pieces from this element," Ivanova assures.

  1. Bedrooms only with natural materials

As our time at home increases, so does the need for our spaces to feel more like an oasis of calm. And from what we could see at Supersalone 2021, nothing conveys serenity more than materials produced by nature itself.

"In recent times, and due to the health crisis, we have had to spend a lot of time at home and have become more conscious of the state of our home. Outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, and balconies have gained a lot of value, and, in many cases, we also try to bring the outdoors inside our homes. Natural materials transport us to the outdoors, bring warmth, and are not heavy at all. All these qualities are essential in a bedroom where we want to relax and rest," confirms López.

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