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Favorite steak restaurant, Seafood and Chinese in Caracas

Steak Restaurant ´´El Alazan´´

One of the best restaurants for meat and gastronomic specialties of its kind is the Alazan, its name represents the light brown color with a red tone, like that of the typical cinnamon of some breeds of horses, and it takes us to the lands where it is Cattle ranching is the activity par excellence, this being without a doubt a synonym of first quality meat and a great tradition in terms of fine cuts and diversity of options. This restaurant presents a wide and excellent range for lovers of meat cuts, you can find from a juicy Tomahawk, through a T-Bone, or the delicious ribs, and why not the soft and rich High and low loin among other varieties Of this type, you also have some fine cold meats for those who want to try something new, It also offers other grilled gastronomic options, desserts and drinks to accompany a high-quality all-in-one Going to its environment, the place is spacious and has a typical decoration of the world of meat and livestock, in a sober and elegant way it has private areas and others where customers can enjoy a fresh breeze on the terrace, of the same model they have a very lively musical atmosphere and according to their style, which makes for a very pleasant experience and a recurring invitation to return to this wonderful place. It also has a nice long bar where you can enjoy different drinks after or during the visit. It gives an additional plus to this wonderful restaurant and makes it unique. Finally, its human factor is focused on personalized customer service, the waiters and other staff are always attentive to any request from diners in order to guarantee a 360 service.

Address: Av. Luis Roche de Altamira Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela

Phone: +58 212-2850208



$40 - $150



Seafood Restaurant ´´Pacifico´´

One of the best references in terms of seafood in the city is the Pacifico restaurant, a place where seafood, Mediterranean, and Asian food converge in an excellent place for fine palates, with a very nice focus on the customer and culture mixed with a really good taste at first glance. It has a very marked tendency towards the Mediterranean and seafood, its owners offer only fresh products of the highest quality, mostly from local fishing, which is diverse and rich in options for the menu specials, it shows a wide range of options of these fresh sea products that guarantee an experience that is undoubtedly unique, they have a team of chefs that are adapted to the different dishes offered on their menu, some options are lobster, seafood casserole, shrimp in sauces, oyster and squid soup among others, it is also mixed with variants of Mediterranean cuisine with dishes such as grouper with tomato sauce and olives, Mediterranean-style grilled salmon, pasta with spinach, chickpeas, and raisins and some variants that are highly recommended, In relation to the Asian options there are various sushi rolls, wakame salads, tempura rolls, and some others. On its menu, there is also a mix of appetizers in the first service, second option, and an exquisite list of varied desserts. this restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and perfect lighting, it is very spacious and has both indoor and outdoor spaces in one place their furniture style is really trending and embraces the modernity and fashion that makes this restaurant a very iconic place for sure to visit, also has live music and special events during the weekend, so it's also a nice spot to go not only to eat but also to have some fun and enjoy a different experience with family and friends, their attention is first class and they make each of their customers feel at home, in the same way, that its prices are quite reasonable and in line with the quality of its gastronomy.

Address: 4ta Av. entre 3a y 4ta Transversal, Qta Dolores, Altamira, Caracas Venezuela

Phone: +58 212-2658302



$25 - $300


Seafood, Mediterranean

Chinese restaurant ´´Salon Canton´´

With a long tradition that dates back more than seventy years, Salon Canton is one of the best traditional Chinese food restaurants, its gastronomic offer is wide with high-quality Cantonese dishes and original Asian flavors, its fame has been recognized for its excellent gastronomic quality and Asian haute cuisine that positions it among the best in the city.  in its menu you can find options such as Cantonese rice, chicken with honey and sesame sauce, ribs with pepper and sweet and sour sauce, steamed noodles and vegetables and many others that are prepared by native chefs who are experts in Chinese cuisine. In relation to the place, it is magical, its decoration and structure take us to the most iconic traditions of China, its history and culture with original works of art, medieval paintings, and more allegorical themes to this extensive and rich tradition. its spaces are wide, it also has a bar to taste not only its delicious dishes but also drinks of all kinds, the background music is according to the environment and its attention is of the highest quality, the waiters emphasize giving the best alternatives or the recommendations given by the chef, in the same way, they have a warm and gentle treatment with the diners which gives a feeling of satisfaction when choosing it over others of its kind. without a doubt, on the menu, you will find varied options of Cantonese cuisine, with delicious starters, main dishes with varied flavors, and cooking styles that adapt to all tastes, its menu concentrates the best of both worlds, without neglecting the years of tradition that characterize the Cantonese gourmet, Its owner focuses on delighting diners from the tropical country with the unmistakable flavor and quality of his cuisine that has become a reality spread from north to south in the American continent.

 Address: Avenida Los Chaguaramos, la Castellana, Caracas. Venezuela

Phone: +58 (212) 2677595



$35 - $200


Chinese, Cantonese 

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