Essential tips when choosing furniture

Essential tips when choosing furniture

The goal is that the rooms in your home are well-equipped, beautiful, and respond to what you had in mind.

  1. Be clear about the style of the furniture from the beginning.

A room is well equipped because the fixed and movable furniture is integrated, forming part of the spatial architecture and facilitating uses and functions. Although this aspect has more to do with the distribution than with style, in the case that we are decorating the house from scratch, it is a good idea to also think about the type of the furniture from the beginning - rustic, industrial, classic -, taking into account all the variables that create an environment.

For example, if you like the urban and classic look (in the image), it will be good not to overdo it in the combination of materials and keep a predominantly white, bright, and warm envelope.

  1. Furniture should match the space well

Along with surface area, height, and natural light, these are the first signs to work with to find the right balance when adding furniture:

Neutral envelope: it is the case of plaster on walls and ceiling, and a wooden floor, for example. The atmosphere allows you more innovations, both in style mixes and textures, and colors.

Envelope with visual weight: a patterned floor and an exposed wooden slab serve as an example to understand that, in these cases, it is necessary to look for a line of furniture that harmonizes with the color of the floor and does not detract from its prominence. In this case, a Mid Century Modern line was chosen, with light wood and metal structures that let the light flow and maintain the continuity of the floor.

  1. Mixing furniture of different styles always works.

In this way, the composition always remains open to change. But, more importantly, it looks more spontaneous and takes away the rigidity that often comes with matching furniture groups.

For example, there is a wildcard piece for the living room, the sofa, which you will be linking with the rest of the ambiance as appropriate. It should be of pure geometric lines, the more basic, the better, making it easier to mix and match. And if it is modular, it is almost better because it gives you more options for use.

  1. Bet on a star piece

A good option can be an iconic design of the twentieth century. We talk about furniture designed by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray, Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Charles, and Ray Eames. In this example in the image, a Charles and Ray Eames Plywood chair and a pair of Alvar Aalto armchairs, all in plywood, lift the predominantly white composition. So that the pieces do not get lost and the different styles are linked, it is essential to sectorize with a carpet - in this case of Berber style, integrated with the African tables and the colors of the environment.

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