Dining Rooms: How to enjoy a truly original space

Dining Rooms: How to enjoy a truly original space

Forget formalisms and give a new air to your dining room with these ten ideas to combine most successfully.

Dining rooms are usually spaces in which sets of chairs, tableware, and chandeliers are arranged. Everything is always the same. Everything is always perfectly distributed. As a result, the atmosphere can become too formal. The worst thing is that this style, in which everything must be combined, can take away a lot of dynamism from the space, turning it into a place lacking in fun, and that makes us back when it comes to making use of it. The solution? Forget the rules and choose everything you like to equip your dining room.

Dare with different decorative styles. Although you have to be a little confident, if you choose to use different styles, you will create a unique and exciting space. Here, the rustic chairs and solid wood dining table are illuminated by a modern row of exposed light bulbs for that industrial feel. And then there are the ties. The same chair in various colors, all of the chairs featured here are the classic molded plastic DSR chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Combined in different colors, the dining room takes on a casual and fun feel, or all radically different. Chairs, benches, armchairs, high chairs, stools can all be mixed and matched around a table. Here again, three Eames chairs serve as the basis for an eclectic dining room design.

Mix up the dinnerware. If yours is already a bit dated, mix some brightly colored ones with vintage prints for a varied look. The advantages go beyond the purely visual aspect: if a plate or cup breaks, you don't have to hunt for a replacement or buy an entire set. Try to make the space as versatile as possible. You'll get more if your dining room can double as a space to do homework, read the newspaper, or check email. A good idea might be to introduce bookcases, a TV, various types of seating, and a wood stove to create a multifunctional and attractive all-day space.

Varied textures. A good variety of materials and finishes can bring depth and interest to even the flattest of designs. Here, smooth wood floors are softened with a vintage rug, while silver ceiling tiles add a special touch to the ceiling. Dare to take objects out of context. Dishes don't have to belong solely and exclusively on the table. A collection of plates and platters hanging on the wall can be visually appealing. Incorporate personal items. Photographs have a more intimate feel than paintings or prints. Here, family snapshots are arranged informally, with a mix of sizes and frames, making this dining room a much more pleasant and multifunctional space.

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