Diner Chair Seat Finishes Box Seat Vs Waterfall Seat

Diner Chair Seat Finishes Box Seat Vs Waterfall Seat

One of the most confusing things when picking out custom furniture is choosing the small things like seat finish.  We offer 3 different styles of seat finishes for our diner chairs as pictured and labeled below.  Their are benefits to each style.  The 1" is really easy to fix or replace yourself using the original piece of plywood.  The 2 inch seats are more comfortable and the waterfall seat avoids the seam in the front center of the chair which can be a weak point.  Please see the different seat finishes for our diner chairs. We can do a box seat, a waterfall seat, and a pulled seat on any of our styles that have a similar seat and back.  This includes are bar stools with this style seat and back too.

Diner Chair Seat Finish Options

We offer similar seats for many of our bar stools too. Our standard seat for most of our bar stools is a pulled seat, but we can change the seat on most of our wood chairs and many of our metal chairs. We can change the foam. We can use Dacron to wrap the foam to make the products work in Boston. Since we custom upholster all items in house, we can make the small changes that you need to have the exact restaurant furniture that you want.
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