Diamond Button Tufted Upholstery

Diamond Button Tufted Upholstery

Diamond Tufted Diner Chair with Chrome Frame

One of the ways that we decorate our furniture is with button tufting.  Our most popular pattern is diamond button tufting.  For diamond tufting, we sew a diamond into the upholstery and then use upholstered buttons to hit in the corners.  It takes extra time to sew and extra time to properly line up when we are doing the upholstery process.  Other than the extra sewing and extra labor, it uses all of the same components.  We can also do V Backs and Chevy Back style upholstery.  When we do a Chevy back, we add a layer of piping between the top curve and the part right blow it.  It looks great.  Here is an example of button tufting on a diner chair.  The diamond pattern that you see on the back of the chrome chair is hand sewn.  It is then lined up perfectly with the back rest and hand stapled on the back to make a perfect diamond.  After the diamond is tightly on the back rest, we staple the four points that have the buttons.  We then hit the buttons in to cover the staples.  This is a time tested way to make chairs that should last for a very long time.  The key to having our chairs last a long time is just choosing the right vinyl.  One of the thickest and best vinyl patterns that we stock is Naugahyde Zodiac.  It is surprisingly thick and therefore not that easy to work with.  We prefer to work with Naugahyde Spirit Millennium which you see pictured in the image of the chair.

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