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Decorative Nail Gun with Automatic Hopper

This is one of our favorite tools. We used to hit each nail in one at a time using a wooden mallet. We still use a mallet to straighten some of them out if need be, but we now have 3 of these automatic guns and we switch off. We have one by one company and two by another company. They break a lot so of the 3 we own, usually only one works and the other two needs repairs. I wouldn't be such a big deal if they broke down if they were easy to fix. Our favorite guns are made by a company that is now out of business so we need to do our best to fix the gun in house using parts that we can source. We work with a couple of companies that know how to fix these types of tools and we have been lucky so far in the past. I don't think we have ever had all 3 down at the same time. We are much faster with our preferred first 2 guns compared to the 3rd so we like to have them all working whenever possible.

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