Decorate your home with the Eames Plastic Chairs.

Decorate your home with the Eames Plastic Chairs.

Comfortable, colorful, and with different legs, they adapt to any space. We give you ideas on where to place them and what to combine them with. This mid-century furniture icon, designed by the Eames couple, is functional and refined. A light, sturdy and elegant chair that can be found with different bases, colors, and upholstery options. The pure American Dream can adapt to any place and style of living.

"Getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least" - getting more of the best to more people for less - was always Charles and Ray Eames' motto. The two focused for years on the idea of making a one-piece seat molded to fit the contours of the body. In the 1940s, they finally hit upon fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin. Today the company that produces the chairs in Spain, Vitra, manufactures them in numerous colors and materials. In a room with a young and urban aesthetic, the chair works because of its ability to be combined with almost any element. Subtle and elegant, the lightness of its structure makes it a perfect choice for small spaces. With polyester resin, unknown in the furniture industry at the time, the Eames succeeded in creating designs that could be mass-produced. Something that would happen as early as the 1950s. The versatility of this piece, which fits in any room, is its greatest virtue. As a study chair, its ergonomics guarantee comfort during working hours. Its rocking version provides a different, fun, and comfortable touch simultaneously.

Due to its multiple versions, it can adapt to any environment. In a rural setting, its tan and aged color ranges are a good choice if you want to add warmth without losing a touch of modernity. As an accompaniment to a dining table, the chair fulfills the purpose set by the Eameses. Its comfort makes it suitable for long after-dinner meals. It is a multifunctional chair whose shell can be combined with different bases for different spaces or purposes. Its formal simplicity makes it suitable for any place in the house, including the kitchen.

These Eames chairs are also available in sizes suitable for the youngest members of the household. Whether as a play chair or as an accompaniment to a study table, it is yet another example of how good design should also be available to everyone. The adult model has just been revised better to fit the new average height of the population—a splash of color. Halfway between a decorative and functional element, the Eames Plastic Chair has the unique ability to become the protagonist of a scene. Here, moreover, it manages to liven up a small space.

Even if you are looking for a color combination to match the water of the pool and the blue of the sky, you will find a version. In addition, the resistance of the materials in which it is built makes it suitable for outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens. The sobriety of this living room also required simple chairs in line with the room's other elements, such as the ceiling lamp or wall sconces. Finally, the black chosen for the six pieces, whose intricate steel wire base is the Eiffel Tower model, and the gray of the walls help form a space of subtle elegance.

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