Counters using logo bar stools

Counters using logo bar stools

logo bar stools at counter

Auto Parts Counter with Bar Stools

Our logo bar stools work great at parts counters.  Here are two images showing our stools in the field at the counter.  Unlike many other promotional items, logo bar stools will stay at the point of purchase for years and years.  We can add a logo or trademark to almost any of our products but we tend to use our model 1950 and 1952 bar stools the most.  Pictured are models 1952 and 1958.  As you can see on the bar stool with the back, we can print on the top of seat, side of seat, and both sides of the back.  Advertising at the parts counter has been a proven method of advertising for 45 years.  Big brands know that printed bar stools will last at the parts counter for years advertising to the customer.  It is the ultimate point of purchase item.

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