Commercial Furniture Manufacturers to Serve Your Business

Richardson Seating is a restaurant furniture manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality products for those in the food service and hospitality industries. Before opening in 1975, the founding family already had multigenerational experience in seating, including with Carroll Chair, which was founded in 1950. 

We use our decades of experience as commercial furniture manufacturers to create chairs to fit the unique needs of businesses. Our seating includes both bar stools and chairs that work well in a variety of establishments. 

While most of our products are found in the hospitality and food service industries, we also gladly work with any other business in search of high-quality seating. We can accommodate any space with a seating area, from stores to bowling alleys. We have a strong reputation among bar furniture manufacturers, as we offer a variety of bar stools, including beech wood, logo, bolt-down, and café-style. 


More Than Just Seating 

We specialize in seating, but as commercial restaurant furniture manufacturers, we also produce a variety of tables, most of which have been carefully designed to complement the appearance of our chairs. We also offer related items, such as seat covers, gliders, and castors, as well as replacement parts in case of wear and tear. 

At Richardson Seating, all of our commercial-grade restaurant furniture is designed to withstand the constant daily use that businesses see. Our barstools, chairs, and other products are also all made in the United States, supporting the economy.

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