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Commercial Bar Stools for Restaurants

All of our bar stools are commercial bar stools an meant for use in restaurants, pubs, bars, and hotels.  People will often buy our furniture for the home too but it is definitely geared towards the food service industry.  We offer high grade vinyl upholstery options and all of our frames are made in Illinois so that we can ensure quality.  We can change the finish of our products because we make them in house.  Almost all of our furniture can be altered just to your liking.  We have been making furniture for bars and bowling alleys for over 45 years.  When purchasing commercial furniture for your restaurant there are a few things you want to consider.  You probably want to know who actually made your furniture and you want to know where it was made.  In general, you get a better made restaurant chair if it was made in the USA or Western Europe.  We are proud to have our products in so many institutions.  Come see the Richardson difference.

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