Lead times are 6-8 weeks | June '22

Close up of button Tufting and Nail Head Trim

This is a close up video of our model 2530 bar stool. This bar stool features a diamond tufted back pattern with upholstered buttons. It features a decorative nail head trim. Each nail is put in individually. The diamond pattern is hand sewn and the whole bar stool is hand upholstered. Please notice the quality of the upholstery and the perfect lines of the back and the seat. It is very time consuming to make styles like this. The cutting of materials takes a long time and then each piece of vinyl needs to be marked. After they are marked, they need to be sewn by hand and then finally upholstered. Each decorative nail you see was hit in one at a time either using a decorative nail gun or by using a hammer. We only use the best decorative nails by Heico and Handy Button.

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