Children's furniture: 10 proposals that, above all, you'll love

Children's furniture: 10 proposals that, above all, you'll love

Children's rooms don't have to be brightly colored or have drawings. Get to know other different and contemporary possibilities.

The children's world is usually associated with very pigeonholed styles and aesthetic resources: pastel colors for babies, primary colors for children, rounded shapes, and synthesized drawings of animals and stars. They are usually striking designs that clash with the rest of the decoration of the house. However, some companies and designers are trying to break away from this line, launching more daring products that are more in line with the adult environment but without losing their functionality. In the words of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, "baby furniture should be stylish but fun, contemporary and simple yet safe". Here are a series of proposals that will expand the vision you had about children's furniture.

Contemporary childcare. The American brand Nursery Works works closely with artisans to handcraft its products. These designs are characterized by a modern style, with finishes in warm and close tones. In the image, we can see a collection composed of a crib with a very architectural look, a nursing chair, and a changing table that could perfectly pass for a dresser.

A nest out of the ordinary. The Little Nest crib is a risky design that breaks with the classic canons but explores new functionalities of cribs for newborns. It is a suspended nest, specially designed to create slight oscillations and movements when the baby moves and thus soothe him, just as rocking chairs do. For the finishes, the Budapest-based O-bjekt studio that designed it has opted for natural materials: Merino wool and felt handcrafted using traditional techniques.

For urban parents. The German children's products company Cybex has set out to make a radical break with the aesthetics of childcare furniture. To do so, it has enlisted the help of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders who, with his unmistakable style, has created the Parents collection, consisting of a highchair, a hammock, a rocker (pictured), and a trunk in the shape of a pig to store small objects or toys. According to the designer, it is "a collection that adapts very well to the lifestyle of urban parents."

A crib that disappears. With a completely transparent structure, the bed of this crib, also from Nursery Works, has minimal and ethereal air. This eliminates the cage-like effect that this piece of furniture sometimes conveys, creating a visually cleaner space where the textile prints take center stage. From a psychological point of view, this also gives the child more vision and natural light.

Minimalist. The Dutch studio Pruun seeks to create calm and soothing furniture with its proposals. In this case, it is a cradle made of untreated elmwood. The Small Furniture collection is completed with a changing table in the same material that gives continuity to the group's sober and somewhat rustic aesthetics. It aims to eliminate noise to focus on the most important: the change of life and the experience of being parents. A design born from the maxim "less is more."

An ultra-modern rocking horse. The Japanese design studio Nendo, led by Oki Sato, has designed a transparent rocking horse for the Italian firm Kartell that gives a twist to the classic wooden horse. The H-horse is a contemporary product that offers a different and colorful touch to a children's interior design. On the other hand, an object could be perfectly camouflaged in the adult world without attracting attention.

School at home. The French firm Les Gambettes specializes in manufacturing laminated wood furniture inspired by the classic style of school desks from the fifties. Their pieces bring a personal and renewed vision of this classic design, beautiful printing colors on the details and prints. Furniture that updates the original design without losing its essence.

The bed turns into a playhouse. Children are frenetically active and can turn their room upside down several times a day. That's why children's bedrooms have to be dynamic and flexible spaces. This is the premise under which the German university Burg Giebichenstein has worked on this project. It is a fully functional bed that becomes a play space during the day: a theater, a shelter, a boat. The shapes of the furniture are specially designed to make the imagination of the little ones fly. It also includes some shelves and storage space for books and toys.

An ideal design for play. Children's beds are elements that allow greater freedom in design issues. In this case, the carpentry work has been made to fit the space. It is a highly functional piece of furniture, as it includes a lot of storage space, even on the steps, but at the same time, it is also perfect for play. Stairs, corners, hiding places. Every child's dream.

A fairytale space. Children's rooms are often associated with bright, flashy colors. However, this selection of furniture and matching interior design shows that you can work with other materials and codes to design an equally ideal space for a child. In this case, untreated natural woods have been chosen for the bed, consisting of a simple wooden structure with wheels to be easily moved around. It also has a ladder for an additional bed on a mezzanine. The set is completed with a carpet of natural fibers on the floor and furniture in white and wood tones. Finally, the fun touch is achieved with a decoration based on studied vinyl, textiles, and garlands.

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