Chevy Diner Chair with all Welded Chrome Frame for Diners

Chevy Diner Chair with all Welded Chrome Frame for Diners

Chevy Diner Chair with Two Tone BackChevy Back Diner Chair with Chrome Frame

This is our Chevy diner chair.  It has the famous curved pattern of a retro Chevy.  We sew channels in the lower part of the back and then add curved hood.  To make it a seamless transition, we sew a layer of piping between the two materials.  This chair is pictured in blue with contrasting white.  Our diner chairs are commercial grade and perfect for your next restaurant concept.  We can make them in any color.  We can adjust the size of the back and the placement of the back.  We can change out the seat and finish it a number of different ways.  Our frame is all welded so all diner chairs ship fully assembled and you'll never have to worry about a screw getting loose.  The first Chevy chair we built was for a 1950s American diner in Russia.  We never got to see the finished build out because it's in Russia but one day it would be nice to see them.  It took us a while to get this one to look correct when we introduced it to our line.  We had trouble making the curve at the center look good.  We found after several tries that if we added piping or welting to the seam, it would always look correct.  We sew by hand so each piece is just a little bit different.  Adding the piping makes them all look practically identical.

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