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Channel Tufted Bar Stools

Channel Tufted Restaurant Bar Stool with Back and Rolled Edge
One of the ways that we can tuft the back or front of a bar stool is with channel tufting.  With channel tufting, individual channels are sewn and then visible on the vinyl.  The upholstery is tighter where the vinyl or leather has been sewn and looser in between the channels.  This produces a dramatic effect.  We can add channel tufting or button tufting to almost any of our styles that you see.  All of our furniture can be modified.  We can do slight modifications for small quantity orders.  For large order, we can do many different things to change the shape and size of the back.  We can change the color of the frame.  Here is a picture of one of our products that is channel tufted.  Each one of these channels gets sewn by hand.  It is very time consuming work.  We do it all in house in Chicago so that we get the best possible sewing every time.  Many of our sewers have been with us over 20 years.  One of the hardest parts of getting our furniture right is actually cutting.  Our furniture is pulled very tightly and in order to do that, we often have to adjust our patterns for the different materials that we get.  We work with leather, vinyl, and fabric.  Some vinyls are very strechy while other vinyl doesn't stretch at all.  We once worked with some embossed vinyl that had a raised diamond plate vinyl and it didn't pull at all.  Most vinyl pulls in two directions but there are some special vinyls that pull in all four.

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