Button Tufted Bar Stools

Button Tufted Bar Stools

Button Tufted Bar Stool with BackOne of our specialties at Richardson Seating is button tufted bar stools. We make little buttons using small circles of vinyl. The buttons that we use most often are nail back upholstered buttons. We can also use prong back for certain bar stools. The button size we use most often is 22. It stands for 22ligne which is some sort of French button measuring standard.

We also use size 30 and size 80. We have a machine that we use to make the buttons and it can do many sizes but we only have the dies for 22, 30, and 80. Almost all of our tufted upholstery work has a diamond pattern sewn into the vinyl.

We usually hit the buttons at the intersections of the diamond. The buttons are ornamental. They are not strong enough to hold the bar stool together. For that we use heavy duty long screws with washers. Button tufting and nail head trim are two of our specialties.  We can add nail heads to many of our products by slightly adjusting the construction.  One of the nice thing about working with Richardson Seating is that you get to choose lots of options.  You can chose a contrasting button color.  You can chose the color of the frame and whether its made of metal or wood.  You can chose the finish to be brass or chrome.  We can make our furniture in lots of different ways so that you get exactly what you are looking for.  We can even customize items by printing logos on them.

When we are making bar stools in our upholstery shop, we try to have multiple people working on the same item at the same time.  This allows us to finish jobs more quickly after we start them so we can ship them.  One of the problem of working with large furniture is that it takes up a lot of space in the workshop.  We use old carts from Spiegel's warehouse to move things around.  When Spiegel when out of business we bought a lot of stuff from their warehouse closing.  In addition to getting carts, we bought tons of wood that they used.  We were able to cut the wood down and use it for some of furniture's internal components.  It was the ultimate recycling job.  We helped 20 trucks avoid landfills.

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We make them to order. We can use any color upholstery vinyl when we make them. Please check out our preferred vinyl made by Naugahyde.

Ira Lichtenstein

Can these stools be brought in red? If so, what’s the cost?

Cynthia Bolton-Smith

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