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Bolt Down Chairs and Bolt Down Stools

Bolt Down Stool with aluminum backposts and an aluminum foot rest
Bolt down stools, bolt down chairs, and bolt down table bases are specialties of ours.  We make the most durable counter stools available and we have the widest selection of seat styles.  We have about 45 different models.  We can make the counter stools any height up to 30 inches.  We have made them as short as 12 inches.  What really makes ours the best is how we build the actual base.   The bottom of our base is made of cast iron.  Over the cast iron, we have a decorative steel bell cover.  We can do the cover in brass, black, brown, and chrome or we can send out for custom colors.  Our tube is 16 gauge steel and 3.5 inches in diameter.  On the top of the tube is a cast iron bushing.  The bottom cast iron bell is attached to the cast iron bushing with two long threaded rods.  We drill the screw holes in the bushing and the bell and we machine the 1 inch hole at the center of the bushing that takes the swivel.  The swivel is an auto return swivel attached to a plate and 1 inch rod.  The 1 inch rod goes in the 1 inch hole on the bushing.  We also cut a small threaded rod to weld to the back of the swivel
Back view of bolt down stools
and we drill another hole in the bushing to take this piece.  This is what keeps the swivel in place and allows it to go 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right.  When it comes to attaching the stool to the ground you have 3 choices.  We offer a plate that can attach to almost any floor with screws.  We offer a threaded rod that you can attach to your concrete floors by drilling a large hole and pouring concrete to keep the stool in place.  This probably the best method of attachment but also the most difficult and time consuming.  The last method of attachment is for floors with a basement.  We have a bolt that goes through the floor and attaches so that it doesn't come back.  You can't go wrong with Richardson Seating bolt down furniture.  You can combine a bolt down table with  bolt down chairs instead of a cluster.  It is easier to get into your seat with floor mounts instead of a cluster.

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