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I literally just learned the word bleisure travel a few minutes ago.  It seemed trendy so I thought I would write about it.  Bleisure is the combination of business and leisure.  It refers to concepts like extending a business trip for a few days to make it also a leisure trip.  It also consists of planning a business trip where leisure is part of the day to day. 

Bleisure travel is one of the new norms.  If you don't need to be tied to an office, why stay in your cold home town to isolate by yourself.  You might as well isolate by yourself with a bunch of others in some warm paradise.  There are so many computer warriors that can work from anywhere.  Why do they stay at home?

Bleisure travel is the answer to everyone's question.  It is what all business people should consider.  The only problem right now is that travel is pretty much restricted.  Without anywhere to go, it is hard to combine a business and leisure trip.  The farthest I tend to get is about 3 miles away.

Once mainstream travel returns, there should be lots more opportunities to travel and have a bleisure vacation.  Right now, we are only able to travel within our state so there isn't much of anywhere to go. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to work on a computer and you don't have any children in school yet, you have so many options on where you can do work from home.  There are a bunch of carribean islands that will let you live and work in paradise as long as you can prove you have an income.  It is actually a very smart move on the part of the islands to attract money at a time when travel isn't really happening.

Business travel should return in the near future, but it probably won't be quite as robust as it once was.  I think a lot of companies realized that they can get by pretty well with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  When you compare the cost of a 45 minute Zoom with the cost of traveling, hotel, cabs, ubers, diners etc, it will really need to be worth it before a business is going to send a salesperson out on a call.  With most restaurants closed right now as well as sporting events and concerts there isn't anywhere for a salesperson to even take someone out.  At least not in the Chicago area.

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