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What is the best upholstery vinyl for restaurant furniture?

We are often asked what is the best upholstery vinyl to select for restaurant furniture.  We carry products by Omnova, Naugahyde, and Nassimi.  We stand behind all of the lines that we carry from these manufacturers.  If you want the most durable, we would tend to lead you towards Naugahyde Rogue II.  That is a vinyl we have used before in airports, prisons, schools, and other high traffic locations.  Some people don't like Rogue because of the heavy grain pattern and because it has two tone look on the colors.  For those people, Spirit Millennium is probably a great fit. Spirit has a very small grain and the colors are solid.  This is one of our favorite vinyls to use because it is relatively easy to stretch around our frames.  The colors never change so we can replace an item a decade later and the colors will match.  It is super durable and really attractive vinyl.  When it comes to Nassimi our favorite pattern is Glaze.  It is kind of similar to Naugahyde English Pub but has a bit more shades of color and more of a distressed look.  We also like Symphony Classic a lot and have had good results with that pattern for a decade or more.  Our favorite from Omnova is Boltaflex Grand Sierra which has some of the most colors of any pattern and they all go well together for two tone items.

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