Best Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Best Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Without a doubt, restaurants are one of the best ways to celebrate our work in the furniture manufacturing and design industry. Approximately 23% of all furniture produced worldwide is used in restaurants, bakeries, bars, and other food and beverage consumption venues.

In honor of one of the primary drivers of the furniture industry, today we bring you a list of the ten best restaurants in Caracas. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela; you may have heard of this country in the last few years due to its convulsed political situation and the economic crisis in which it has been plunged for almost a decade. However, these are new circumstances in the recent history of a country accustomed to being the richest in Latin America.

Venezuela is the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. The oil income, together with the strongest Latin American democracy of the 20th century and the fact of being a country located at the same time in the tropics, in the Andes, in the Amazon jungle and also being the country with the largest coastline and the largest territory in the Caribbean Sea, made Venezuela a paradise for many years. All this nourished the South American country with an enormous migration from all over the world, comparable in numbers only with the migrations of Argentina and Brazil. That is why a massive variety of foods and dishes have been adopted as typical in Venezuela, being Caracas, its capital, the pearl of the national gastronomy.

The following is a list of the ten best restaurants in Caracas, based on our experience:


It is the only restaurant in Venezuela included in the select list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, an award sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna since 2013, currently occupying the 28th position. Its chef is Carlos García, winner of the Golden Fork award as the best chef in 2007 given by the Venezuelan Academy of Gastronomy. Carlos and his magnificent team elaborate an extraordinary culinary proposal with Venezuelan raw material where the2y exalt the best of this land of grace. His iconic dishes such as "spaghetti with sardines," "cream of beans with two courses and one more," "guajiro suckling pig," and the dessert "land of cocoa" are simply extraordinary for the diner. The decoration was assembled by the award-winning Venezuelan architect and interior designer Alejandro Barrios, being sober but cozy, and the attention they dispense is simply incredible. The people who frequent the restaurant are chic, and the foreign visitors are of the highest class. Here all the codes of a great restaurant are fulfilled. Its legendary French maître d' Gérard Cherané passed away a little more than two years ago but, in his place, Pascual García has taken the responsibility together with Carlos Rangel, Sommelier of the site, to attend to the incredible people who frequent the area.


It is located on the fourth transversal of Altamira. For 60 years, it has been an icon of food in Caracas and is popularly known for its exquisite cuts of meat. El Alazán is one of those places that keeps the reliability of service and gastronomic quality that we are always looking for. Without irreverent inventions, with the right music for every hour of the diner. Of different warm and cozy spaces, made of wood, stained glass, stone, flagstones, and even a waterfall that relaxes. Ideal environments for every type of enjoyment:

  • Have a few drinks at the bar.
  • Make a private or corporate event.
  • Close a contract.
  • Watch the game.
  • Share with family and children of the house.

A place with many stories of always, as shown by the transparent floor that keeps the bottles uncorked. They call it "the floor of the empty bottles."


It is considered one of the best steakhouses in Caracas. It is located on Rio de Janeiro Avenue in Las Mercedes. It has been "committed to excellencefor more than 40 years. In all that time, its façade has undergone several remodeling works. Its popularity also comes from the delicious prime cuts, with the class A concept flavor. The starters are so classic, salads and serve some varieties of crackers and snacks. The delightful steak chorizo is divine, much appreciated by those who frequent the place. The Maute Grill Bar Restaurant is recommended especially for those who want to enjoy the night in Caracas. In addition, of course, to give the mouth water, serve drinks of various kinds, being preferred by many visitors.


 One of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city where simple elegance reigns. There is a reasonably extensive menu where the ceviches in any of its presentations, the "Tiradito de mero en salsa de aji Amarillo y Ensalada de cilantro," the roles and soups make the delights for the diner. The service is good, the place is beautiful, and the people who frequent it are very cool, creating a chic atmosphere. The exciting thing about the site is that there is always something going on, whether it's an exhibition of Harry Winston jewelry, a designer fashion show, a book launch, or good music from the best DJs in Caracas. Lola always has a trendy atmosphere. Reservation is not mandatory, but it is advisable.


Founded in 1968, Salón Cantón has established itself as the most prestigious Asian restaurant in Venezuela. This is quite an achievement in the country with the most significant Chinese ancestry in Latin America. Among hundreds of Chinese restaurants with exquisite cuisine, Salón Cantón stands as the best in Caracas. Elevating its offer to sumptuous dishes that reflect the most typical and representative Chinese food, Salón Cantón has opened five locations in Caracas, one in Colombia, one in Panama, and two in the United States.  


is a must go where you are always magnificently well attended. The decor of this Mediterranean Italian restaurant is hot, the low light is charming and invites to a long table, and the combination between a fixed menu that keeps well-prepared but straightforward dishes and the dishes of the day that surprise the loyal diners is great. It is frequented by many people from the capital's financial market, occasional foreigners, and the occasional newcomer who dares to enter this sort of club that has been pleasing its diners for more than 15 years. The freshly baked bread rolls - especially the black one - are delicious, the appetizers like the "carpaccio of thai tenderloin", or the famous "truffle fries" (which is only served to regular customers because it does not appear on the menu but everyone asks for them almost at the moment of approaching the table), as well as the brasserie tenderloin or the chicken pallar, are dishes that characterize Aprile.


This iconic Argentine restaurant was one of the first in the capital. It was founded in 1950 by Werner Hormann, a German-born chef. It is located at the foot of the Ávila, at the end of San Juan Bosco Avenue in Altamira. Tarzilandia stands out among the many restaurants in Caracas for both its location and the quality of its food. Situated in the foothills of Avila National Park, Tarzilandia is surrounded by vegetation and wildlife: colorful parakeets and macaws sing just outside the restaurant's large windows, providing a stunning backdrop for any meal. But in addition to this unexpected entertainment, Tarzilandia is known for the excellent quality of its meat and fish. Chef José Luis Cárdenas loves to surprise his guests with specialties such as smoked halibut with horseradish cream, turkey breast with mango salsa and prawns flambéed with banana. Despite the wide variety of national and international wines, the restaurant's homemade sangria remains an all-time favorite.


An inspirational restaurant where chef Héctor Padula makes diners rave about the beautiful presentation of the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients brought from his own garden, the descriptions of each dish to the diner and the almost intoxicating taste of them. The service is very hospitable and delivered with care. Really everything in Recoveco enchants, because nestled in the sultana of Avila in Galipan, the view and the countless details make the stay memorable. When the breeze blows, you can smell the eucalyptus trees that border the place. Everything looks impeccable. Exclusivity reigns and it is essential to book in advance.


Located in Galipán, Galipan Grill is newer than most restaurants in the area. However, this has not been an obstacle for it to be considered an excellent gastronomic site; its open-air location overlooking the spectacular valleys of Galipán, and its surroundings dominated by beautiful gardens, are combined with delicious dishes and drinks. The appetizers are really abundant and provide a great variety of flavors, while the house specialty: the grill, is an excellent pleasure. All this without mentioning the dedicated and personalized attention, which is accompanied by the typical warmth and extroverted character of the Venezuelan.


There is nothing more pleasing than good food and incredible service, but imagine all this happening at once in an incredible place that overlooks a Caracas sunset until the night sky fills with stars. A secret that awaits for lovers of good food. The entire Visconti family offers diners not only unparalleled service, but also the best European-style cured meats and sausages. The tasting at Salumificio Visconti is unique, not because it is a unique place in its style in Caracas, but because you come out overwhelmed by the incredible attention and the quality of so many exquisite products that parade before your eyes. For us, the experience began with a fresh goat cheese, accompanied by a magnificent bread, followed by a feast of sausages and vegetables, typical of Italian food. All framed in a homey atmosphere with an incredible view that makes you completely detach from reality. 


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