Bar Stools with Nail Head Trim

Bar Stools with Nail Head Trim

Button Tufted Bar Stool with a Back and Nail Head Trim

One of the things our company specializes in doing is adding nail head trim to our bar stools.  We use 9.5mm nail heads that are about 3/4 of an inch long.  For the first 35 years of our company history we used to hit the nails by hand.  It was a very slow process and only a few people on staff were able to hit them in successfully.  It became a huge bottleneck.  About 10 years ago, we purchased our first automatic feed nail gun.  This gun had a hopper that looks like a cyclone that shakes the nails into place and moves them slowly to the air tube.  The air tube shoots them to the front of the gun where the gun pushes them into the furniture.  We now have three of these machines and that is a good thing because 2 of them are broken right now.  They go down a lot for something that was so expensive.  There are other companies that make single shot guns that you load a nail lined up on a plastic mat and then shoot them in.  It is significantly slower that the machines that we use.  Worse come to worse we can always hit them in one at a time with a wooden mallet like we did the first 35 years of making furniture.  We didn't know the machine existed.  Once we found out they existed, we bought one to try out and then slowly it became 3.

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