Bar Stool Manufacturers choose Chicago

Chicago is one of the best places in the world to find high quality American made restaurant furniture.  Our family has been manufacturing heavy duty restaurant furniture in Chicago since before World War II.  Chicago is a great place for furniture because of several reasons.

  1. Easy access to paper products like chipboard and corrugated
  2. Easy access to large quantities of plywood and 2x4s
  3. Great labor pool with talented sewers, upholsterers and woodworkers
  4. Convenient location for shipping to the Midwest and the coasts
  5. Major trucking hub and easy to get affordable LTL
  6. Reasonable property taxes for a large industrial space
  7. Tube mills, tube benders, and chrome plating in Chicago
  8. Easy access to large amounts of tools and hardware
  9. Reasonable electricity prices
  10. Reasonable gas prices


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