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Bar Furniture Chicago

Ladder Back Bar Stool with Mahogany Seat
We make bar furniture in Chicago, IL.  Bar furniture is probably the word that best captures what we do.  I guess we would also fall under commercial furniture or restaurant furniture.  Our company has been manufacturing bar furniture since 1975.  We have had two addresses in Chicago over our 45 year history.  Would you believe we only have had one phone number the entire time and it never changed.  It has even been the same area code 312 since the beginning.  That's got to be worth something.  My parents just gave up the phone number we had as kids after 45 years.  I wonder if I can get it back somehow.  Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in the country by population.  It has a large bar culture with thousands and thousands of places to catch a drink.  We have neighborhood watering holes, fancy clubs, speak easys, Irish bars, and anything else you are looking for.  Chicago's club culture is often limited by Chicago's curfew of 2am.  Most bars and restaurants can't stay open past 2.  There are some very special late license that allow places to stay open until 4.  This information is a little dated so I will need to double check and update the article.  Beumont's and The Store used to be two of the popular bars in Chicago to go after the bars.  Another one is the Hang Uppe.  They used to attract a very interesting clientele.  Lots of people watching especially around last call.

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