Where to get American made logo bar stools?

Custom Logo Bar Stool with a Back 24 inches
here are not that many sources of American made logo bar stools.  Most of the logo bar stools that you see now come from overseas.  The quality you get overseas is never quite the same as the original.  We have been making custom logo bar stools by silk screening on clear vinyl for over 40 years.  The only innovation we have come up with in 40 years is CMYK digital printing.  Other than that, we make the bar stool the same way using the same parts from the same manufacturers.  A few of our competitors make logo bar stools as a small side line.  For Richardson Seating, logo bar stools is an essential part of our business.  We have dedicated machines and dedicated people just for logos.  We make our seats by silk screening or digital printing on the under side of clear commercial grade vinyl.  We print in reverse so that when you look through the vinyl it looks correct.  We back the entire print with a coat of white and then the material is ready for cutting.  With our American made bar stools you never have to worry about customs, container delays, opposite hours, or any of the other issue you have when importing.  We have replacement parts onsite at all times and we provide a one year warranty with all of our bar stools even for commercial locations.

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