Let's talk about an aesthetic that, far from losing validity, is becoming more and more popular: the vintage style. Before incorporating furniture and accessories with this stamp in our spaces, we must be very clear about vintage style in conceptual terms. Any object, piece, or piece of clothing that is more than 50 years old at the time of its manufacture and less than 100 years old. On the other hand, it is considered an antique when an object is more than 100 years old. For a vintage piece to have real value, it must be a faithful representation of the era in which it was manufactured, making us remember it immediately and without the possibility of error. Bland objects, which could not be classified in the typical style of the decade they were born, would not be coveted pieces for a connoisseur. Manufacturers often spot such trends and seek to imitate them, making new furniture that looks like it was made in the 1940s, for example. They are much cheaper than the originals, but they are not genuine vintage. The word vintage in French means vintage, and the term is very well chosen since, as we know, good wine gets better with age. That is why this style receives this peculiar name. Another characteristic that turns vintage pieces into objects of desire is that they were made with materials and techniques that are no longer found in the market or used in manufacturing. The best proof of their quality is that they have gracefully resisted the passage of time practically intact, and this is no small thing.

So let's rummage through the furniture we inherited from our relatives because it wouldn't be surprising to find some jewels that we could use in our homes, to give them that vintage air that we will show you in the following images. Join us!

Time does not pass for everyone in the same way. But, as with wine, the decoration also has its fabulous reserves that add beauty and uniqueness over the years. Let's discover some of these pieces and complements that will give a plus to your home.


With rounded lines, quilted back, and scrolled arms, these sofas are a classic that never goes out of fashion and one of the most coveted retro pieces, as they give a very personal touch to the living room. This one comes from Rotaeche & Santayana.


The Panton and Eames Plastic are a Vitra design classic. Despite being more than 50 years old since their creation, they are still the most sought-after and coveted pieces.


After a few golden years - back in the sixties and seventies - they fell into the drawer of oblivion. Now they are back on-trend. This is the Tulip table, a 1956 design by Eero Saarinen. Made of lacquered steel, it comes from Minim.


Round and oval mirrors with gold or gold leaf frames are back in fashion. And among the most sought-after pieces, antique mirrors of great decorative value, such as this heirloom mirror with a sunburst design.


They are called Boqueria and are a retro design made of metal and two-tone -black on the outside and white on the inside- that reproduces the old lamps that illuminated the factories of the middle of the last century.


It's a trend. And the fact is that recovering an antique piece and upholstering it in an ironed velvet with a glossy finish, very fashionable, will give an elegant, personal and unique touch to the living room. This one, which comes from Lucca, has been upholstered with Güell-Lamadrid velvet.


It is one of the most sought-after chairs today and one of the most copied. The authentic Tolix chair, an icon of industrial style, was designed in France more than 80 years ago by Xavier Pauchard to be used, above all, outdoors. Although the original had a metallic finish, they are marketed in different colors today. These come from Cado.


They are not only used to mark the hours but are also decorative pieces in their own right. Like this one from Antic Daró, the antique ones also add a touch of uniqueness.


The antique ceramic designs, those that decorated the kitchen or the living room of our grandparents' house, are very sought-after pieces for their handmade and unique character.


Or plates, photographs. They are decorative pieces, not only for their aesthetics but also for their traditional value and, if it is the case, as an antique. These butterflies fit perfectly in a personal corner with a lot of charm like this one.

The years are so good for you! And there are pieces in decoration that the passing of the years not only do not age them but reaffirm them, becoming design icons or timeless pieces that will give a special and unique touch to any space. In the fashion world, it is common to hear the expression, "everything comes back," referring to the fact that trends are cyclical. However, in the case of the pieces and accessories that we have gathered in our gallery, it would be correct to say that they have never gone away. Or at least not entirely. From sofas with their name, such as the iconic Chesterfield sofa, which was born in the 19th century by the Earl of Chesterfield, to small details that nowadays have great ornamental value due to their age and uniqueness, such as an antique clock or exclusive cut crystal liquor bottles, which can be decorative on their own or can be transformed into improvised vases.

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