At Richardson Seating, we understand perfectly the importance of having your home or apartment well equipped with those pieces of furniture that are indispensable for your comfort and the satisfaction of your needs. That is why in this article, we present a list of the 12 essential pieces of furniture in your home.

  1. Sofas

Whether you want to relax in your living room, watch TV, or like to take a nice nap, we all need a sofa; these are pieces of furniture filled with foam and lined with some leather and serve to sit or take a nap on them. We usually use them in living rooms, but sometimes it is possible to find some options for terraces or outdoors.

There are many sofas to choose from, ranging from sofa beds, sectional furniture, recliners, more antiques, or more modern touch. In short, the list seems to go on and on when it comes to living room sofas.

  1. Tables

In every house, there is at least one, and is that as practical as they are, humanity has always used them for their daily work. You likely have different types and sizes because you need some tables for each task. This furniture has three or more legs with a flat surface on top, on which we can perform both manual labor and put decoration or some other element.

As for the types of tables, there is a wide variety to choose from, from dining tables, night tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables, or simply a living room table; you will always need one of these in your home.

  1. Chairs

A table is useless if you have nowhere to sit, for the latter the idea is to acquire a chair. This furniture helps us decorate the house and gives us a place to sit to perform daily tasks, whether eating, reading a book, working, or just relaxing.

There are chairs for different purposes and is that you are not going to use a dining room chair to work because you will end up very tired, for the latter the ideal is a desk chair. Likewise, there are decorative chairs, reading chairs, bar chairs. All of them have a specific function depending on the characteristics they have.

  1. Beds

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sleeping on the floor, and is that first and foremost is very cold and hard, plus when you get up in the morning is extremely difficult to join because you are very low. So to avoid this, the best is a bed, which has accompanied humans since ancient Egypt where they used a long frame of wood or metal to sleep, but at that time also used to eat a use that perhaps some people today still do from to time.

These come in different sizes and heights depending on how big you are and how many people will be sleeping on the site.

  1. Decorative chairs

Not all chairs must fulfill the function of sitting on them; sometimes, you need a decorative element that attracts attention in your home. For this, you can always use a decorative chair; these have highly bright colors and have quite extravagant ways to give your home a different touch, besides using them to sit, although that is not its primary purpose.

  1. Desks

It is best to have one; a desk is a type of table explicitly designed for work; these have a height that often you can graduate, but otherwise, almost always have a good size for most people. The edges of the desks are usually rounded or with some angle so that when the forearms are resting on them, they do not hurt the skin and have a smooth surface, are easy to clean, and on which you can write or comfortably do your work.

Whether it's a computer desk, writing desk, corner desk, secretary desk, or even a standing desk, the list goes on and on.

  1. Ottomans

These small pieces of furniture are extremely versatile, as they can be used either as a place to sit thanks to the fact that they are filled with foam and lined in some kind of leather, or even serve to be used as tables for the living room because thanks to its small size and its decorative details go very well with virtually any type of room. It is even very likely that many of them have some kind of compartment inside them, so they can be used as decorative pieces and as a place to have organized all the things in your home.

  1. Dining tables

Just imagine eating with your food on the floor; I don't think anyone would like that experience. To avoid this, the best thing to do is take home a dining table. We have already talked about the usefulness of tables for your home, and this is a type of table focused exclusively on eating on it. They are usually a little higher than other types of tables and have an easy-to-clean surface to remove the leftover food that will be on them. These are usually made of glass, plastic, wood, or material that meets the specifications listed above.

  1. Dining chairs

Unlike many eastern homes where people eat kneeling around a table, it is customary to eat sitting down in the West. For this, in addition to a dining table, chairs are used around it, these chairs are intended for temporary use while we are eating, and their service for long periods can be a little uncomfortable.

The vast majority of them do not have armrests;. However, it is possible to find some models that do, the materials vary greatly, and can usually find wooden chairs or even plastic.

  1. Sectional sofas

This type of sofa has the particularity that they are divided into sections that can be joined together to form a large sofa or separated to cover a more extensive selection or move more easily around the house or during a move. There are many different sectional sofas, ranging from L-shaped couches, U-shaped sofas, and curved sofas, which can be made from a wide variety of materials and even have other functions such as reclining or reclining built-in beds.

  1. TV furniture

Currently, there are two ways to put a TV, either on the wall or leaning on a table. In either case, some furniture is always necessary underneath it to place all the devices such as players, decoders, or a home assistant like Alexa. This kind of furniture is usually low and has a series of compartments to place all the multimedia accessories that we have at home.

  1. Stools

Suppose you have a bar or breakfast bar in your home. In that case, you likely need some stool for that type of application because this type of furniture has to be a little higher. A standard chair would not reach the table unless it is very high, so it is best to use some stool. These pieces usually designed in wood or metal and contribute to your home's decor help you significantly to use this type of table; you can get adjustable stools, folding, or even swivel.

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