Garlando G-500 Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table

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When it comes to Foosball Tables there is no better option that Amazon. You already buy your underwear and your golf clubs from Amazon, why not buy a Foosball table too. Also know as Table Soccer, Foosball is a great game that can be played both inside and outside. Most tables are built for indoor use but we will show you some outdoor options too. The picture below is a direct link to Amazon where you can purchase a high quality Foosball table from the brand you trust the most. You may have a couple of buying options when you click on the picture. I highly suggest you buy from Amazon and schedule delivery and assembly.  The first table we are going to discuss is the Garlando Exclusive Foosball table.  This table is sold and shipped directly by so you get the full support of Amazon's service and support if anything goes wrong.  Who else are you going to trust with a $1000 purchase?

Garlando Exclusive Foosball Table

The next table we are going to show is one that we own at Richardson Seating.  In fact we have two of them at the factory and one them is at the owners home.  This is a top notch table that is built for both indoor and outdoor use.  We have kept two of these Garlando Foosball tables in a dirty factory for 6 years.  You just need to wipe them down and they are good as new.  We put all of them together ourselves but it is kind of a pain.  You may want to pay for Amazon to do it if they provide the option.  You definitely need two people to put it together or a very talented individual with a sawhorse.  This next model I can personally vouch for.  We are not just a promotional products manufacturer affiliated with ASI, SAGE, and PPAI.  We are also expert Foosball players.


Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

Foosball is a great game for any basement or garage.  If you are going to keep the foosball table in cold weather in your garage, you should seriously consider the Garlando G-500.  You can click on the picture and buy it right from with free shipping.
Now that we are spending so much more time at home, it is time to make your house more fun.  Pinball machines are $10,000.  Standup arcade games are $3000.00 and can break down from time to time.  Pinball machines break all the time.  Foosball or table soccer requires no maintenance.  If you use it every day, you will eventually have to replace the foosball balls and maybe one day you will break a foosball player but that rarely happens.  We haven't broken anything on our 3 G-500s and we are pretty hard on them for about an hour a day every day.

Have you heard of Garlando?  They are an Italian company in the home leisure space.  They are the Italian distributor of Stiga and Bowflex.  They also make some of the finest Foosball tables in the world.  It is pretty amazing that they can build a fancy foosball table in Italy and get it all the way to your house assembled for around $1000.00.  I think it is the deal of a century.  A good pool table is going to cost much more and require a lot more maintenance.
Do you know the rules of Foosball?  Did you know that you are not allowed to spin the guys as fast as you can?  You need to leave your hand on the handle at all times which limits how you move the players.
Do you believe in 3 goalies or 1 goalie?  I have always been of the mindset that one goalie is the only real way to play table soccer.  When I see 3 goalies I assume that the game is a cheap knock off.  I haven't looked up the history which I will probably do after I finish typing.  There are thousands of websites selling Foosball tables but why trust them when you can buy the top brand of Europe Garlando direct from Amazon your favorite store for literally everything else.  Get it delivered for free and possibly even setup in your house.  There is no reason to do anything else.

Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball Soccer Game Table

If there is one problem with Foosball it is the height of the handles.  I tried to play with my 3 year old the other day.  He can't see the table but he can grab the handles and push them and spin them.  That isn't much of a game for us adults but he loves it.  The problem is that the handles are eye level for him and have the sticks don't have a handle on one side.  I couldn't let him play when his brother was around.  I was sure that one of them was going to end up with a stick in the eye.
I am not aware of any Foosball tables being built in the United States.  That is why we are providing links to Garlando tables which are made in Italy.  If it can't be made in the United States, Italy is a great option.  Their product quality is very high.  What is amazing is that Garlando is able to pack the table all broken down in a box and ship it safely via container to the United States.  Even though all three of my 500 tables arrived in great condition and we were able to put them together, I still suggest getting white glove inside delivery and assembly.  If there is a problem, it will be easier to just deal with Amazon rather than have to deal with an installer, the manufacturer, and the distributor.  If you buy from Amazon you will just need to deal with Amazon.
If you do get the foosball table installed, you probably want to make sure they don't throw out the box. Just in case there are problems, you want to save the box.  If you don't have the box, you have almost no chance of figuring out how to pack up the table and prepare it for a shipment.  Once the table is fully assembled and been played on for a week or so, its probably safe to toss the box.

Although this is an outdoor and indoor foosball table, there is no reason not to use it exclusively indoors.  It is just really durable and resistant to the elements. I will be resistant in your basement too when it gets all humid.
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